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Whole house customization
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Designer team
Designer team picture
Space is not neat,There are a lot of beams and notches to do?
The designer is solved
Pro,Custom furniture professional solve deformed space,You are the designer's website reservation gauge,Designer door model and according to your requirements for your design。

Whole house customizationThe significance of furniture design is removed too burdensome for the customer、Too many flashy decoration,Design reflects modern human nature、Comfortable、The ideal home life。Custom wardrobe、Custom TV ark、Customize the tatami...In little space to satisfy all your imagination,As aCustom furnitureThe designer is to let the goodness of this home to liquidate。

Customer case
Custom wardrobe customer case

Yi shi Life can be more easily!To customer demand as own duty,Meet the fromCustom wardrobeTo the whole house of custom furniture individuality demand。On-site measurements,Tailor,Pre-market after-sale one-stop whole house custom services。Cutting products more exquisite workmanship、Sculpture, and setting project,In the line、Proportion design to fully demonstrate the life grade and the temperament of the best。

Brand merchants
The foster home2019The annual summit of the dealer a complete packaged,As the industry leader,Yi shi quality and consumer service, hand in hand。Yi shi and senior leaders from all over the country dealers、Partners、The media gathered,Share the achievements and glory of the past,And just2019In the development of the brand as a detailed report,Create a new glory。2018Years,Is fruitful, shi at the end of last year,2019Years,Yi shi, household will double,Another glory。
Custom data
For young people in today's individual character is dye-in-the-wood,The study as a very personal space,Meet with your habits and character customization bookcase is a necessary choice。
 Separate kitchen and dining-room is good,But some small family model only the sitting room to do dining-room。Now,Combination of kitchen and dining-room design has become a fashion,This not only small family family saves space...
Common problems
Should the bedroom closet“Heats up”?This is a lot of people want to ask,Some people think that is not to clean trouble,Some people think that to use efficiency is not high。
Now6?-8?Bedroom abound,It is difficult to meet the needs of receive and multi-functional space,Make the space is very small,But perhaps the shi of tatami can improve the predicament of the small room。
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