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Qixia eng. Light steel engineering installation co., LTD is located in yantai city of shandong province qixia diffused professional,With the domestic first-class computer program-controlled automatic production line for compound,Large scale,The equipment is advanced,To undertake various kinds of steel structure engineering,Company factory building、Workshop warehouse、Single layers、Sales offices、Car showrooms、Gas station、Carport、All kinds of steel staircase、The elevator shaft、Special-shaped rack、Corridor、Prefabricated houses, etc。Wholeheartedly provide customers with safety and quality of construction,Committed to meet and exceed your expectations of cooperation。Struggle、The spirit of innovation,Will make the development of our enterprise。

The choose and buy of steel structure aseismatic room guidelines

The first,Steel structure housing seismic force。The most common form of building structure mainly includes residential:The steel structure、The frame structure、Brick structure。One of them,...